Assessment software designed
                             around proven business processes…

RealWare is today’s leading assessment solution, developed by industry-leading experts in jurisdictions across the United States. The design is intuitive, elegant, and user-driven while fully customizable to meet your unique requirements and preferences. Managers realize RealWare is a smart choice because it provides uncompromising accuracy and efficiency. Users prefer it because the interface is engaging, intuitive, and designed around their specific needs.


Experience-based functionality
  • Fair and equitable values are produced automatically in mass with all approaches to valuation (cost, market, income)
  • The core product includes CAMA, Admin, GIS, and Field Collections, eliminating duplicate data entry while ensuring data integrity
  • Information is at your fingertips with custom reporting utilizing tabular and spatial data
  • All Ad Valorem property types are valued within RealWare
  • Versioning enables users to track and review all property at any specific historical point in time